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So many people ask me 'what do you eat?' when they hear the list of foods that we cannot eat. GAPS is a really expensive diet (thank goodness it's only for two years!) and whilst there are ways to eat more cheaply, you will never be able to just fill up on cheap carbohydrates.

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I try to make savings where I can, by bulk buying anything I can - and not just food! We are fortunate to have a large airing cupboard where I can store large amounts of toilet rolls or dishwasher powder, and a basement where honey, fabric softener and laundry detergent are all stacked up. Saving money on cleaning products is an excellent way to boost your grocery budget.

I've talked before about buying smart and getting familiar with the 'clean fifteen' and 'dirty dozen', but recently people have been asking for an actual list of what we eat over a week. In all honesty I drew a blank. I don't meal plan (sorry) so I don't always know.

This week I determined to keep a food diary, for my friend Laura, so here it is:

Breakfast - Omelettes with cheese, tomato and onion
Lunch - Strawberry and Chocolate Kefir Smoothie [ frozen strawberries blended with kefir and a little cocoa powder]
Snack - Pear and Kiwi, cheese
Dinner - Roast Chicken with Carrots, broccoli and tomatoes, Jelly sweeties

Breakfast - bananas and custard
Lunch - Strawberry and Mango Kefir smoothie
Snacks - chocolate orange mousse [double cream, honey, cocoa powder and tangerine essential oil]
Dinner - Lemon and sage fish with roasted carrots and courgettes + salad

Breakfast - Clafoutis
Lunch - Kiwi, strawberry, pear and banana kefir smoothie, homemade chocolate
Dinner - Faux Mac and Cheese (without the nuts)

Breakfast - Fruit and yoghurt
Lunch - Sprouted Green Lentil Hummus and vegetables to dip, cheese, 
Snack - Kefir Milkshake
Dinner - Carrot Soup, Jelly Sweets

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with cheese
Lunch - Chocolate Chia frozen shakes (with half milk replaced by kefir) 
Dinner - Meatballs (made from cow heart) in tomato sauce with cheese, salad

Breakfast - Fruit juice with kefir
Lunch - Omelettes with cheese and salad
Dinner - Hummus with veggies, fruit and cheese

Breakfast - yoghurt with fruit and honey
Lunch - Choc chia/kefir shakes, cheese, fruit
Dinner - Omelettes with cheese, fruit

Actually this has been a bit of a splurge week; we didn't eat soup nearly as often as we would normally. I'm not quite sure why that was, but it means I have a tonne of chicken stock from that roast chicken on Monday in my freezer! Weeks often look different depending on whether my children are having a growth spurt or not will vary it wildly.

So there you go. Very simple, basic food, but made with quality ingredients. Some days it doesn't look like they've eaten much (and sometimes they haven't) but you should also bear in mind that I don't limit them on quantity if it's wholesome food. I may have put 'scrambled eggs' but what you might not realise is that my five year old will eat four eggs by himself, or drink nearly a pint of smoothie.

The only things I limit them on are fruit (in it's whole state, without any yoghurt or kefir) and things containing honey.

Hope this helps.


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