Sprouting lentils

I've been accused of having a kitchen that looks more like a science lab than a kitchen, and I guess I can see it. Yesterday I had the ice cream machine running, three anaerobic ferment jars on the side, the dehydrator and juicer out and my new sprouter starting!

I picked up this bargain at a thrift store in town, only £1! Of course you can sprout your grain/seeds/beans etc... in ordinary jars, but I love my new (old) sprouter.

Yes, it looks like its from the 70s, but surely that's part of its charm? No? Okay, well then here is why it's actually useful.

For a start, the sides are Perspex, but darkened, so it's keeps out most of the light whilst allowing me to see what they are up to - sprouting, obviously. But it's nice for me and the kids to have a nosey look. Maybe we'll make a science lesson of it.

Secondly, the bottom piece is a drip tray and each layer has slots cut in the base. This allows excess water to drain, eliminating risk of mould, whilst also meaning I don't have to dirty my sieve to rinse them each day.

Okay, it's not an essential piece of kitchen equipment, but it's certainly easier and for a £1 I totally think its worth it. For more on why you should sprout your grains/nuts/seeds/beans etc... check out this post from the Nourishing Gourmet.

I'm currently sprouting organic green lentils (bulk buying made them cheaper than ordinary lentils!) to make some GAPS legal hummus with. Recipe coming soon!


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