Small Change: Vest + Skirt = Dress

'Tidying' Mama's cupboards
My daughter's growing up.

At the tender age of two and a half she has started doing household chores without being asked!

Whilst making juice this morning I felt a tap at my feet and realised she was sweeping the floor with my dustpan and brush and my foot was in the way of her getting to the vegetable trimmings I'd dropped.

She also tidies my kitchen cupboards.

Well, she pushes everything to the back where it's unreachable anyway, and seems to think this looks tidier.

Unfortunately she isn't maturing in all areas and still has a habit of pulling her shirts up to show everybody her tummy.

In an attempt to prevent her flashing ways, I came up with a solution; I'm sewing vests into all her skirts.

It's super easy, and I don't really know why I hadn't thought of it before.

Simply make sure you match up the side seams and pin at regular intervals. Sew with a zigzag stitch and a double needle if you have one (if not, make sure you stretch the skirt really well whilst sewing so that it has room to expand and go over her head!) and it's that simple.

Ta Da!!! Flash proof!
If your skirt had a zip, just back stitch and leave a 1.5 inch gap. The vest will stretch around the zip and allow easy on/off.
Gratuitous picture of my gorgeous baby.


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