Grey hairs

I found a grey hair this morning and rebelliously left it where it was.

It's nothing new, I've been finding grey hairs and carefully plucking them out for years, but this morning I decided to leave it. I'm going grey in my 20s, so what?

The best part is that it's right on the very front of my fringe, on the parting, and I am currently wearing a black hairband that contrasts it strongly.

Do I care less about my appearance? Not really, I'm still wearing make-up and jewellery and trying to look nice, but the difference is that I want to work with what God gave me, and relax about conforming to others ideas of beauty.

Since losing a large amount of weight on GAPS I have had an unbelievable number of comments on my weight. I don't mind that. Initially I was embarrassed, but I'm over it. I understand that it's not usual to see someone drop weight rapidly and people want to know what I did.

What I do find sad, is the number of mothers who have approached me in the last few weeks to tell me that their daughters have privately told them how 'pretty' or 'beautiful' I am. These are girls who have known me for years, who have suddenly decided I'm 'pretty'. I can genuinely say that I haven't changed my make-up, or the way I style my hair. Whilst I don't expect young girls to be recognizing my 'inner-beauty' (1 Peter 3:4-6) although it would be nice (!) I'm saddened that 'beauty' and 'pretty' appear to only be linked to weight.

I'm convinced that even as a teenager I was able to look at larger women and notice beautiful hair, or stunning eyes, but more and more I'm starting to realize that the only features that matter to our young girls is a waist measurement.

I'm determined that I will bring my daughter up to find beauty throughout God's creation, regardless of whether it conforms to society's latest fashion (let's face it, slim wasn't always beautiful).

This is for all the "Pro-Anorexia" crap on Pinterest. Take that. And what we really know is that what men like doesn't matter... You should love yourself inside and out, and be happy and healthy. So there. Super funny though that this add is about gaining weight with yeast pills. haha
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 I'm not quite sure how to do this, but I will start by not exposing her to damaging media. We don't have a TV and I am committing now, whilst she is young enough that we haven't battled over it, that I will not buy her any beauty magazines. I'm going to look for beauty everywhere and comment on it in her hearing. We will discuss people's appearances, but only in positive ways. I want to tell her that healthy is pretty.

And above all, I want to teach her that true beauty, comes from adorning oneself with good deeds and worshiping the Lord  (1 Timothy 2:9-10)

I'm posting it here because I want everyone who reads this to keep me accountable. I can't teach my daughter something I haven't learned and aren't working on myself. If you see me reading a beauty magazine, or commenting on someone's weight, or even just spending too long checking my reflection in the mirror. Call me out on it.

Remind me to adorn myself with good deeds and worshiping the Lord.


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