Bentonite clay

It appears I confused a few people on our local food co-op page when I asked if anyone wanted to buy some bentonite clay with me recently, so here's the low down on what it is and why you might buy it.

Bentonite clay is actually made from weathered volcanic ash, and it's one of the most detoxifying substances in the world, which can be used to eliminate toxins an chelate heavy metals. It soothes IBS, calms nausea and indigestion, and has even been used by NASA to counter act the bone depletion caused by weightless environments!

It's great for poultices and face masks, as well as detox baths, but what I'm using it for it tooth powder.

Bentonite's antibacterial properties make it an excellent tooth powder choice, but be sure to add water! This stuff is seriously colloidal and makes your mouth fell like... Well, clay, unsurprisingly! It's a much milder abrasive than bicarbonate of soda, and doesn't contain any of the nasty fluoride or glycerin (not GAPS legal anyway) that toothpastes do, the added bonus is that it's also rich in minerals like calcium and potassium that your teeth actually need.

Using a little essential oil means I can flavour the clay as anything I want (thanks to my new selection of organic, food grade, essential oils ) but I'm being boring initially and sticking with peppermint and tea tree. Maybe one day I'll do lime. Or tangerine.

So, it's cheap, it's healthy, and it's available on amazon. What more could you want?
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If you are interested in a holistic approach to tooth care and dentistry then I recommend signing up quickly for the HealThy Mouth Summit this weekend. It's totally free, it's online (so you can watch it in your pyjamas) and schedule looks great.

Here's a video called 'The Smoking Tooth' to whet your appetite.


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