Thirteen New Flavours

As I mentioned before, my garden seems to have gotten itself a little confused, so despite it being December we are going to be having tomatoes, garlic and broccoli from our yard on the table for dinner tonight.

For lunch, we went to the Luscious Juice bar (my generous son decided he wanted to treat me and his sister to lunch with his birthday money!). We are completely in love with this Juice bar, partly because it is one of the few places in Bedford where a family on GAPS can actually eat out, but mostly because everything they serve is delicious. Will's current favorite is a hot apple and pear smoothie with cinnamon in it, whilst I like trying out whatever 'Juice of the Day' is on the board (today was apple, grape, cranberry and ginger).

But I digress.

One of the great things about this incredibly friendly juice bar, is that they have a tonne of books to peruse (children's and grown ups) and they have even loaned me a book I got interested in today. It's called '1001 food you must try before you die'.

Reading through the aromatics section has me hooked, so I am attempting to put together a list of thirteen things (for 2013) that we haven't tried before that I want to incorporate into my families meals by the end of the new year.
Just for fun, but hopefully it will also widen my families palettes.

It's been pointed out before that with my dehydrator, DIY Liposomal vitamin C, Essential oils and anaerobic fermentation jars my kitchen is starting to look more and more like a science lab, so I figure a little more experimentation with flavors is nothing compared to what I'm already putting my family through!

I'm going to list them here for so that I can check them off, and so that you can see if there is anything you'd like to try too.

Here we go:
Shiso Leaf 

  1. Shiso Leaf - Strong citrus aromas, much like a grapefruit, which soften on the palate, accompanied by  decidedly green herb tastes of chive and mint.
  2. Rau Ram - The peppery taste of fresh coriander meets sweet spearmint. Best complimented by mild bitter flavors like celery root
  3. Smyrna Bay Leaf - Strong herbaceous tastes of thyme and celery. Intense aroma, camphorous and sweet. 
  4. Salam Leaf - Lemon-meets-cinnamon scent and flavor. Dried versions are muted with an additional nuttiness
  5. Pandan - Floral flavor, cross between jasmine and vanilla
  6. Lemon Myrtle - Predominantly lime with a late hint of menthol complemented by mild acid and green tea. Initial sweet notes of lemongrass oil
  7. File - Used sparingly it adds a unique base note to dishes. Hints of lime and overtones of sage
  8. Amchur - Simultaneously sweet and sour, the taste is reminiscent of mild tamarind and bitter melon
  9. Bush tomatoes are small, yellowish tomatoes native to the Australian Outback. They taste similar to dried tomatoes but with aromas of caramel and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Bush tomatoes may be eaten whole, chopped or ground. They rehydrate during cooking and may therefore be used as a thickener in some recipes. Quelle:, (c) Martina Höppner
    Bush tomato
  10. Bush Tomato - pungent berries with a flavor that resembles, caramel without the sweetness, somewhere between tamarillo and beef stock powder.
  11.  Sumac - Tart and puckering with hints of tamarind. Low heat preserves it's intensity
  12. Smoked Sea Salt - Smoke intensity and residual wood flavors vary based on production sources.
  13. Annatto Seed - Earthy and savoury in taste with a pleasantly mild bitterness, the aroma is of sandalwood and cedar.
  14. Grains of Paradise - A fair peppery heat with essences of ginger, camphor and cardamom


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