Matt's Christmas present

I've had to schedule this post, because I didn't want him to see it before he got it. So it's currently November 11, although this post won't appear until Christmas Day. Got it?


edit:  I gave Matt his present early, so I can post it now!

I'm so excited. Matt's Christmas present arrived in the post. A shiny, new, wedding ring!!

When we bought Matt's ring originally, it was all a bit rushed. I'd been in hospital, and had only just got rid of my wheel chair, we were just a week away from getting married and we thought going ring shopping would be an incredibly romantic day together.

Turns out jewellers don't just sell you rings off the shelf (we were young, we didn't know this stuff). My engagement and wedding rings are family heirlooms, so they were sorted, but we couldn't find a jeweller with a lead time of less than six weeks!!

Sharing our son story with several branch managers they kindly agreed to allow him to try rings from the shop window, but they only had the display rings available and in the end there was only one shop that had one which would go over his rugby swollen knuckle.

Still, we took it, because we needed a ring for the ceremony. It was fine, just plain gold. It felt like a shame that we hadn't been able to choose though.

Shortly after we got married Matt's ring got lost at a rugby match, and we never bothered replacing it.

When we were young, we didn't have many married friends, and a man wearing jewellery felt odd to Matt.

Having grown up a bit, we are now spending more time with older married couples. As Matt spent time with more godly married men, he expressed a desire to have a wedding ring again.

This time I took my time and was able to invest more money (I sold a few things on eBay) and was able to design a ring myself.

The ring says 'Ba'asher Telchi Elech' which is hebrew for 'where you go I will go' from Ruth 1:16-17

We had that passage read at our wedding. We love it:
"But Ruth answered, "Don't force me to leave you. Don't make me turn back from following you. Wherever you go, I will go, and wherever you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. Wherever you die, I will die, and I will be buried there with you. May the LORD strike me down if anything but death separates you and me!"

Merry Christmas


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