Liposomal Vitamin C update

I've only been taking the vitamin C for a week, so obviously I don't have any blood analysis results to compare with you all yet, but I wanted to update you with how it's going anyway.

For a start, I had grossly miscalculated my dosage. Turns out I'm going to be taking 5 ml teaspoons SIX times a day to get the 6000 mg that is considered a therapeutic dose. That's okay. It's a little limiting with regards to leaving the house (I'm going to have to bring it in a cool bag), but it's not the end of the world. Or wouldn't be if it didn't taste so awful!! Honestly it's like drinking a spoonful of liquid soap.
Doesn't it look appetizing?
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Bear in mind that I have been on GAPS for nearly a year now, it's not like I'm un-used to some 'interesting' flavours, and I don't need everything masked with sugar or salt, but this stuff is making me gag every time I take it.

Which brings me to my next point. Would the home made version taste better? I'm hoping so. After all, it's only lecithin (non-GMO soy) and ascorbic acid (from corn - it makes me hate myself a little bit. You can't watch Food Inc. and then still be okay with buying corn products) with distilled water. How bad can that be?

To be honest, thanks to my miscalculations we are going to have to opt for the make your own version anyway. I had originally thought this was going to cost us around £33/month. It's actually going to be £33 every 10 days.

Not cool.

So, once I run out of my horribly expensive and foul-tasting ready made Liposomal Vitamin C, I'll let you know how the home-brew version works out.

If you're interested why I'm putting myself through this taste bud torture, you can read more here and here.


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