Breakfast-to-Go Cookies

My garden is misbehaving. 

Having harvested all the chillies, tomatoes and peppers long ago (we started getting frost in November) it has decided to produce a second crop. 
In the first week of December. 
Despite the fact that it is snowing. 

I'm coming to the conclusion that we just don't get enough sun in this narrow little L-shaped plot. Everything takes so long to grow, and then ripens in the wrong season. 

Still, if (like me) you have a freezer full of butternut squash puree, then you have the perfect ingredient on hand to make breakfast-to-go cookie dough. This great recipe also freezes well, so you can make it in large quantities and freeze smaller amounts in batches. 

It's very filling, so you won't need a lot. 

What you are going to need:

1 1/2 cups Almond flour
1 cup Peanut butter (or almond butter, but peanut is delicious)
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1 large ripe banana
1/2 cup of squash puree (or some other veg puree - try to keep it sweet)
1/2 cup of honey
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp allspice
1 cup of dried fruit chopped up (we used pears, but you could use anything you like)

Put all the ingredients (except the dried fruit) in your blender and whizz away!
Stir in the dried fruit.
Blob tablespoons on a lined cookie sheet.
Bake at 180 for 10-15 minutes.

Enjoy warm and delicious and they fall apart (but my kids don't seem to care).
Allow to cool and you can stack them in a tupperware and take them with you wherever you are going. 

I love recipes that involve spices for my children, not only because it widens their palettes, but because there are so many health benefits in those potent little spices. For example, cinnamon helps keep arteries healthy, manages blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol (fairly important for me right now) whilst allspice is believed to ease digestive problems (gas, bloating and nausea), regulate blood sugar, fight nasty disease causing pathogens and improve circulation.  

I forgot to take pictures, so here is a picture of a generic breakfast cookie that I found on google. :0)
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