Dove Colour Radiance

Since we've been trying to cut out harmful chemicals in our lives (for the GAPS protocol) one of the things I've been guiltily still using is SLS. I can give it up in my toothpaste, but not my hair products.

The thing is, I naturally have pretty dark hair, not only do I (and Matt) prefer blonde, but I like to experiment with various colour options. This has taken quite a toll on my hair. Despite having paid out for organic chemical free shampoo and conditioners, I currently only use them on my kids, because my hair is literally snapping and breaking off if I try to use it. 
In fact, I can't use a normal shampoo and conditioner, I usually have to use a hair mask EVERY time I wash my hair, just to be able to get a comb through it.

So when I was asked to review Dove colour radiance shampoo and conditioner, I was skeptical. That said, I was excited about the claim of being their 'lowest ever SLS' products. A reduction felt like a good compromise. Maybe I can wean myself off using them slowly, without ending up looking like this:

I've been using the shampoo and conditioner exclusively for the last two months(ish) and I like it!  The conditioner is much thicker consistency than most, and it has a fun pink stripe which reminded me of the 90s Aquafresh (do they still make that?)

I Can't honestly say there is a discernible difference to look at my hair, but I've been able to brush (and not break) it, without using a hair mask in all that time. 

Thumbs up from me, and thanks BzzAgent for the campaign invite!


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