Bible Study for Busy Mamas

I love a pretty, organised set of notes. Something about a colour coded filing system just begs me to get involved. Is there anyone else out there who feels like this too?

My problem is I love developing new systems, but I quickly get bored and start looking for a new way to arrange things, that's why I have Evernote and Springpad as well as notes on my ipad, but also  Minds, Wunderlist, Things and Pinterest. I just love new ways to organise!

Well the fantastic people over at doorposts (who produce the 'Training in Righteousness' and 'Plants Grown Up' books that I LOVE) have been doing a daily bible study for 'busy moms'  on Colossians 3 over on their blog. Each task will take you just five minutes each day, so you can squeeze it in around even the busiest of schedules.

I've joined them, mostly to try a new bible study technique, and it's fantastic! Not only is it a great personal study on the passage, it's a beautiful way to keep notes in your bible in an organised and visually pleasing way. I raided the children's art supplies for coloured pencils, but you could splash out on your own set of 'special pens' for bible study if you wanted even more motivation.

One of the most beautiful bible's I've ever seen
This is a genuinely great study, so I'll link up what they have so far, but feel free to check back each day as I'll try and keep updating (or just bookmark the doorposts blog, it's really worth it!)

Day one - Getting Started 
Day two - Getting Context
Day three - If's and Then's
Day four - Contrasts
Day five - Putting to death
Day Six - Putting on
Day Seven - Extra Study which uses I've been using these to store my notes for years and highly recommend it. A fantastic resource along with BlueLetterBible for access to commentaries etc..
Day eight - Jesus plus a bonus project to do with your little ones
Day nine - Death and Resurrection
Day ten - Why?
Day eleven - But...
Day twelve - As and So
Day thirteen - God
Day fourteen - catch up
Day fifteen - verse 11
Day sixteen - Holy Living
Day seventeen - word studies
Day eighteen - everything
Day nineteen - paraphrasing
Day Twenty - Catch Up
Day Twenty-one - meditating
Day Twenty- two - Thanksgiving
Day Twenty-three - obedience
Day Twenty-four - translations
Day Twenty-five - verbs
Day Twenty-six - past, present and future
Day Twenty-seven - organise and summarise
Day Twenty-eight - Catch Up
Day Twenty-nine - Children
Day Thirty - Doing


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