Will's Iced Tea

Today we've decided that the herbs we hung around our home have finally dried out enough to be crushed into jar ready for storage.

Will has been so helpful, and desperately interested in what each herb is used for. Sage was rather frustrating to him because he loves the smell, but every time I suggested a recipe to use it in he would reply 'wouldn't that taste better with honey and lime?', of course the answer is yes, because he is obsessed with honey and lime and I couldn't think of anything to match up to it.

His favourite so far has been Sweet Melissa.

If you don't currently grow this in your garden, I suggest you get some next year. It spreads like wildfire, requires little to no care, and smells beautifully lemony when it rains. It also makes great tea.

Personally, my tea recipe would be one part sweet melissa to one part mint. It's refreshing, subtle and sweet. However, this post is not about my recipe, so here is Will's version.

  1. Take a large handful of sweet melissa and place it in a tea pot with some boiling water. Brew for five minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, fill two mugs with ice cubes.
  3. Juice an orange and split between the two mugs.
  4. Top up with tea from the pot.

Delicious. An my baby invented it all by himself!

Proud Mama.


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