Tilda Bunny Dolls!!

I recently discovered Tilda dolls on pinterest and I think they are sooooo adorable!! The best part about these dolls is that they are so easy to make from scraps of fabric that you have building up left over from various other sewing projects. Using up excess fabric not only makes these dolls FREE to make, but it adds cuteness factor when your daughters dolly has a dress that matches her, or she has a tunic made out of your favourite old blanket. 

I started to make this cute little bunny for my daughter's christmas present, but my son saw me and asked if he could help me make it. Always encouraging of helpfulness, I asked him to pass me various things I needed from my sewing box and help choose the right coloured threads to complete the task.  As the bunny began to take shape he fell in love and asked me to make him one for christmas too. Obviously, I told him he'll have to wait until christmas to find out - which is mummy code for 'of course I'll make you one, but you have to act surprised when you unwrap it'.

The only pattern I could find for the bunny (which is probably my favourite of all the dolls) was in russian, but I managed to piece it all together and it came out pretty cute. I'm still not sure what all the pieces on the pattern were for and I couldn't find the tunic at all, but luckily it's fairly easy to make up that part.  

If you'd like a copy of the pattern in english, I've done my best to recreate it for you! 
I'll try to answer any questions, but I think it's self explanatory. Let me know if you get stuck - or you could refer to the original if your russian is better than mine!

Bunny Pattern


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