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This morning I received an email from Christian Concern regarding the recent Times Interview where secretary of state Jeremy Hunt expressed his opinion that there should be a 12 week limit on abortions. Mr Hunt denies that this is simply an expression of his Christian beliefs and says that he has come to this decision after studying the information carefully.

I'm inclined to believe this to be true, as I think most christians (although not all) would take the stance that abortion should not be performed at all, so to come to a 12 week limit seems like it probably didn't come from intense bible study. Although I personally feel that all abortion is unbiblical, I'm pleased to see the issue being discussed and somebody speaking out about lowering the limit.

In fact, culture secretary Maria Miller and Home Secretary Theresa May both expressed the opinion that the limit should be pushed back from 24 to 20 weeks.

Whilst I'm not condoning abortion at any of these stages, I'm grateful to see people standing up and challenging the current limits. Whether a foetus is aborted at 12 weeks, 20 weeks or 24 weeks will have little effect on that child. Dead is dead from my point of view. I do however believe that lowering the limit would be beneficial to women in general and help to reduce the psychological affects of abortion that many women underestimate before they go ahead with the procedure. The limit should be lowered to protect them, particularly teenagers, who tend to feel more pressure from family/partners to make a decision that they don't always fully appreciate the consequences of.
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When I was younger I worked in a pregnancy crisis centre and even did training in post-abortion counciling. Both through that, and through ministry to women in the church, I have come to realise that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and general anxiety and feelings of guilt remain for many years, not for everybody, but for far more than would be willing to admit it in a survey.

I want to publically thank Mr Hunt, Ms Miller and Ms May for speaking up on this issue and hope that they will continue to do so at their party conference in Birmingham.

Please add your words of encouragement to them, and take the time to send an email letting them know that you appreciate their voices on this issue.

Jeremy Hunt - huntj@parliament.uk
Maria Miller - foxlc@parliament.uk
Theresa May - mayt@parliament.uk


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