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I found this on my old blog, which I had totally forgotten about, but thought it would be fun to share. It's always great to celebrate when God has done something amazing, and it seemed a shame for this post not to have made it over. 

Dated December 15: A healing testimony

Something a bit different today, we had our regular bible study on Friday, and although not many could make it, we were still really blessed.

I asked Christine if she would mind to tell you a bit about her experience of God's healing that night and she was kind enough to share. So, here it is:-

I have had a long term problem with polyps in my sinuses and nasal cavity.  I received prayer at a church we were visiting with friends after somebody had a word of knowledge about sinuses.

 My husband and I had discussed me returning to the ENT [ear, nose and throat] specialist that week because he could hear that I was having trouble breathing. As soon as I heard this word being given, I thought "anything to avoid further surgery!" so I went to the prayer team and asked them if they would pray for me, which they did.  

I didn't get anybody's name, but if it was you at the Burn Church in St Albans - thanks for your obedience!  I felt a strange buzzing sensation in my face and my teeth felt very very sensitive, but I was still very stuffy and couldn't really let them know that I had been healed, although something was definitely happening.

During the week following, I didn't do much to help matters...I have a bureau-style dressing table with a flip-down front.  It has a habit of flipping down without encouragement, and did this whilst my face was under it.  It hit the bridge of my nose and I could feel that it had caused some internal bruising, but the real pain was at my septum, where the bone had been pushed into my face.  Ouch!  

I forgot all about the prayer I had received and focussed on breathing through my mouth and telling people how much my nose hurt.  

About 3 days later, we were worshipping at my sister Kj's house, when I felt that buzzing sensation again, but quite strongly this time.  I reached up to touch it and there was no pain, no matter how much or where I pressed it.  God healed my nose without me asking, just because He can, and He loves to.

 And I can breathe clearly, so I wont be needing to see Dr Brown.  Sorry, Bupa.  


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