The Best Frozen Shake I Ever Made

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I got given some money for my birthday a few months back and I decided to treat myself to an Ice cream maker. We had been staying with my Father-in-Law and his girlfriend has one that I was in awe of. She literally throws in a pot of yoghurt and 20 minutes later we have delicious, creamy - yet extremely healthy - frozen yoghurt.

Being a Magimix fan, and knowing nothing about ice-cream makers, I figured the simplest thing to do would be get one of theirs. That way if I have any problems I can always go back to my brother for some help (he used to work for them and knows everything there is to know about them).

Thing is, the ones that freeze themselves are really, really expensive - even with birthday money - so I figured I'd get one of the ones where you have to store the bowl in the freezer and then just bring it out to make the ice cream.

Like I said, I'm a massive Magimix fan. I have the toaster, the kettle, the juicer and two different food processors (1, 2) with all the extra accessories and add-ons and  I cannot express to you how much I love them.

Me and the Ice cream maker though? As much as I love it, we've never successfully made ice cream. I have however made some of the BEST frozen shakes you've ever encountered. I know that sounds prideful.
Pray for me.

So even though we haven't made Ice-cream yet, I love it. Just waiting for my bro to get back from his Grand Prix tour so he can tell me what I'm doing wrong, and then I'm sure it will totally work for me.

My families favourite so far has been tonight's offering which I call 'Sugar-free Chocolate, Cheesecake with Rolo Pieces' or 'The Best Frozen Shake I Ever Made'.

The name is misleading because it actually has no chocolate or Rolos, or even caramel, in it - but it really tastes like it does!

What you need for a family of four:
200g cream cheese (homemade or Tesco do an organic one if you haven't got a few days to make it)
1 cup raw milk
1/2 cup raw cream
3 tbsp honey
6 tbsp carob or cocoa powder
12 dates, stoned and chopped

Mix everything together and throw it in your ice cream machine for 20-30 minutes.

Honestly those dates totally soak up the liquid and become juicy 'caramel' bites. My son actually thought they were chocolates. I had to convince him it was okay to eat them.

Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures because this was drunk far too quickly.

Instead you can enjoy some pictures of my daughter drinking yesterdays frozen smoothie (strawberries, banana, chia seeds and sour cream).

I know she doesn't look like she is enjoying it. That's actually just because it takes a lot of concentration to use a straw. She only mastered that skill quite recently. 
Here's the smoothie in all of it's Lo-fi glory:

Excuse my dirty fingernails.

Hard morning gardening. 


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