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Summer for me is a time of re-organising and getting stuff done. This is partly because Matt is at home and I can get help with child care/heavy lifting and partly because all the kids stuff (like swimming lessons and library groups) stop happening in the holidays. 

During this time it's also traditional to look at stationary. There's loads of 'back to school' type deals and I usually buy Matt some nice new pens to mark all the students work with (and perhaps a sneaky new stash of limited edition sharpies for myself -  because who doesn't love sharpies?) and possibly some post its.

It was during our summer trip to staples that I cam across the new Martha Stewart range and I just had to share with you. The first thing I bought was a tonne of chalkboard stickers. Since we started buying real food we have a pantry full of jars with all kinds of dehydrated goodies and soaked nuts which were just begging for a makeover. 

I also re-labelled my detergent and softener bottles (we bulk buy from Ecover Direct and decant into use-able bottles. It saves a fortune (3 for 2 on 15l boxes!) and the HUGE vats of detergent stay in the basement). And my home made cleaning products.

But my families favorite item we bought was the dry erase weekly planner
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Initially I thought I would put meals on it, but what we are actually doing now is putting a task each day for Will to complete (and as she gets older we'll put one for Lila up there too) such as 'Copy work' or 'Maths workbook'. Knowing what he is doing each day is helping him to get it done and holding me accountable to doing more formal schooling. It might only be a 5-10 minute task, but sometimes it leads on to more and it's a small step towards taking responsibility for his own learning as I send him to look up what he is going to do and get the equipment he needs. He also gets to help me choose some of the activities to write on the board.

She also has some absolutely gorgeous vertical filing systems, which I don't currently have a use for, but I'm sure I'll think of something....
and these shagreen pockets to keep all that paper work off your kitchen counters
and my personal favorite - these little adhesive metal bookplates that allow you to make even cheap wooden drawers look like you salvaged them from a library.


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