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'Engaging plots move with breathtaking mystery, drama, and adventure while insightful themes lay the foundation for the framework of character development and the pursuit of excellence. The dominant theme is hope—hope that does not disappoint, because nothing is impossible with God!  
A riveting plot, a worthy theme, and endearing characters will motivate readers, both young and old, to adopt a similar moral code by emulating the characters that have now been etched into their awakened conscience.'

I first heard about lamplighter publishers from a focus on the family podcast a year or two ago and I just LOVED the idea. What they do is take books rare, out of print, books with minor adjustments if necessary, to create a library of inspiring books that are safe for any member of the family to get their hands on and enjoy.
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This is a subject that is particularly dear to my heart, having had an early reader (my son was reading by 10 months old) and finding the library to be, for the most part, wholly inappropriate. I understand that most children his age are not reading at the level he is, but when you have a three year old picking up books about having crushes on teachers, or choosing between reading about vampires or murder mysteries - well, there's only so many times you can read the entire railway series before it gets boring; even to a three year old.
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Lamplighter also have audio books and dramatizations on their website, and I was so excited to find out about a special offer today. I have no idea how long it's on for, so you should get over there fast!

You can currently download all 14 of their dramatic audio files for $10 (about £6.20)  instead of $235  by using the coupon code ******* - That's about £140 saving!

So what are you waiting for?

I have recieved an email from lamplighter, as it turns out, the person who shared that code with me should not have done so.
The code was given in good faith to 100 people who attended a seminar, but it got leaked on Facebook and now they are fulfilling thousands of orders.

I'm sorry to have removed the code, but I do think it's the ethical thing to do.

You should still check out lamplighter publishing, as they are a fantastic company doing an excellent job o fulfilling a real need.


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