Cinnamon Berry Crunch Cereal

This is my first attempt at making a grain-free 'cereal' for my family, but it's gone remarkably well and I'm totally excited about how easy it was. It does, however, take a frustratingly long time. For those of us who haven't had cereal in a long time though, it's so nice to have something you can pour milk over and enjoy crunching your way through. Also, I accidentally set up a recurring delivery instead of one off when I bulk ordered peanuts a few months ago, and I have about 8kg to get through.
Cereal seemed like a good way.

I read around online and all the grain free cereal recipes seem to follow a basic pattern - bake a grain free cake, crumble it up, then dehydrate. So I followed this method and it's worked out really well. I'm actually thinking next time I bake a cake any left overs may get dehydrated into cereal instead of being randomly eaten as snacks right before a lovingly prepared meal. I digress...

I should point out that this is a seriously protein packed breakfast. My children are having one or two tablespoons crumbled in some yoghurt (think crunch corner) rather than a large bowlful with milk splashed over the top. I'm just snacking on it, dry, mid-morning when I feel like I want a biscuit with my cup of tea :-)

So, here is my grain free, cinnamon berry crunch cereal recipe:

5 cups of peanuts - ground into a powder
1 cup coconut flour
3 cups of yoghurt (homemade optional - you're going to cook it so the probiotics wont survive!)
1 cup of butter
1.5 cups of honey
2 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp vanilla (homemade)
4 tbsp ground cinnamon

The first thing you need to do is soak the peanuts and coconut flour in the yoghurt for 24-48 hours.
The next thing you need to do is dump everything into your giant food processor and press 'on'.
Whilst that is happening, you can go ahead and line a roasting tin with some baking parchment.
Spread the mixture from the processor in the tin and bake at about 160c for 30-40 minutes, being careful not to burn it.
At this point it should look and feel like cake.
Crumble your 'cake' onto a dehydrator tray and leave on medium temperature in the dehydrator for approximately 2-3 days.

That's all there is to it. Simple, but requires patience. It's going to be about 5 days from when you decide to make cereal to actually eating it.


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