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It's only 100 days until Christmas!!!!

If you are going to be making Christmas presents, it's best to start early. It means you can really enjoy the run up to Christmas (which I consider to be anything after thanksgiving) without stress.

Nothing is quite so lovely as receiving a hand made gift, and in this post I'm going to help you make the ultimate Christmas gift.

Why is it so great?

It combines 'I love you enough to make you something' with 'I didn't know what to get you so I got toiletries'.

There are a few ingredients you may not have lying around the house, but they are cheap and easy to get hold of, so you should be fine.

1. Stir together a cup of bicarbonate of soda and half a cup of citric acid.
2. Add food dye (just a few drops - we don't want to stain anyone) and a few of your favourite essential oils (citrus and spice are particularly nice at Christmas)
3. Mix it all together and add a few drops of witch hazel
4. Repeat step three as many times as necessary until it starts to stick together
5. Press into a mould (I use my smallest measuring cup) and leave for two minutes
6. Pop it out and let it dry for four hours (or if you have a dehydrator, use the lowest setting for 30-45 minutes) I like to put mine in an empty egg carton whilst they are drying. It helps to keep the shape.

How you wrap it is totally up to you. I like tissue paper and ribbon, but cellophane can be nice too. Look out for cute printable labels or make your own for a really personal touch.

If you have a dehydrator it could also be nice to add some dried flower petals to the mix to make it even prettier. I would caution against using glitter though, unless the person you are giving to has a really good sense of humour!

Merry Christmas preparations!


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