1000 Gifts: Growing

1000 Gifts Day three

Three gifts growing

1. My children are the obvious first answer. I keep a little photo journal on a time lapse app on my phone. It's incredible to see how much they've changed over the course of the last 18 months. 
2. Butternut squash - Although it's nowhere close to harvesting yet, my squash plants have suddenly sprung to life and we have huge vines threatening to take over the roses and the lawn. I hope we'll get plenty of great meals from them soon.
3.  Our small group - today I received an email from one of the church administrators asking about small group attendance. It included a kind of census we did at Easter and I was amazed at how many more names I needed to add to the list. Now that we are going to start meeting twice a month on a Sunday too, we will be adding ten children to our number as well. Now that is one, huge, 'small' group!


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