1000 Gifts: Autumn

1000 Gifts Day Five

Three gifts Autumn:
1. I'm thankful for cinnamon, which is so good for you and always makes a re-appearance in my cooking around september time.
2. I'm thankful for brown leaves falling from the tress and bushes. Not only pretty and fun to play in , but make an excellent mulch so that I don't have to weed around my veggies. 
3. I'm thankful for my dehydrator which is allowing me to make my cinnamon crunch cereal today and making my house smell like heaven! 

I don't know where I'd be without my dehydrator (probably still using my oven on a really low temperature), but it does make a whole lot of GAPS cooking much simpler. It's so simple even a toddler can use it and it never ever burns anything (a bonus for me, although I have been known to leave things in there for several days when they only needed a few hours. Good news is, that doesn't hurt them at all); but the best thing about it is the ability to soak and then dehydrate nuts on a regular basis without using up all my oven space. 

They aren't particularly budget friendly though. Although we have saved the cost of our dehydrator many times over this year in dried fruit, snacks and preserving excess produce, you still need the capital to buy one initially. General consensus seems to be that if you can't afford a good one, it's not really worth buying a cheap one. The good news is that the more budget friendly option seems to be building one. There are tonnes of free plans online, and if you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm you don't even need a heat lamp, it's basically just a fan in a box.


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