I'm totally indebted to the Cheese Slave for all kinds of things, but not least of which is the revelation that many of my 'M.E.' symptoms could be, for the most part, accounted for by  a magnesium deficiency.

Better yet, she also includes a recipe for the simplest fix ever, and for once it's not diet related!! Magnesium oil is simple and cheap to make, and so easy, just spritz on the tummy right before bed and your are good to have a fantastic nights sleep.
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The cheapest way to make this oil is to buy salts in bulk, so I bought myself a 5kg tub, not realising how long my two tablespoons would last in spray form! It turns out there are a hundred different ways to use them though, so never fear, I will get my money's worth. If you've bought an excess too, here are a few of the things you can use them for.

1. Bath Soaks - this is the most obvious one, but it's because the salts interfere with the pain receptors, so next time you have an achey, flu-ey, type cold, jump in the bath with a couple of cups of magnesium salts and a cup of olive oil (to moisturise) but don't use any soap (it interferes with the skins absorption).

2. Reduce inflammation from bites and stings - mix two tablespoons in a cup of water and soak cotton compresses to hold on the injury. This also works as a chemical free after-sun if you have been burnt.

3. Remove splinters - make your own drawing ointment with magnesium dissolved in water.

4. Hair cleaner - If you suffer from greasy hair, add some salts to your shampoo to soak up excess oil (about 1/3 cup to a 250ml bottle of shampoo).

5. Hair volumiser - warm equal parts of conditioner with salts until dissolved. Work the mixture through your hair, wait 20 minutes and then rinse for super soft, volumised, hair.

6. Grow more fruit - magnesium salts thrown around the base of plants like tomatoes and peppers, then watered into the soil, increases crop yield by as much as 40%

7. Sprinkle around your herbs and salad leaves to keep slugs at bay. They can't slide on it and you can steer clear of nasty repellents full of chemicals.

8. Clear eye infections - 1/2 a tsp of salts dissolved in a cup of boiled water allowed to cool and kept in the fridge can be used as an effective eye wash for conjunctivitis.


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