Putting Off and Putting On

I regularly receive articles via my google reader from the Doorposts of Your House blog. If, like us, you home educate, they have a fantastic character building curriculum for boys and girls. They are totally on my amazon wishlist, but slightly beyond our means financially right now. I do mean to own them one day though, and when I do you'll be getting a review on here, I promise!

Anyway, right now the Doorposts blog have been talking about 'putting off and putting on'. It's too easy to slip into focusing only on what our children should not be doing, and forgetting to replace the sinful actions with godly ones. How many times as a child did you feel like your parents/teachers/other responsible adult had told you not to do so many things that the only way to please them would be if you sat as still as a statue and did nothing? I felt like that often, and looking back my parents must have been exasperated by my behaviour. But what if instead of just saying, 'don't pour all the cleaning products into the sink and try to replicate George's marvellous medicine!' someone had said, 'don't pour out all those cleaning products; why don't you put on some rubber gloves and I'll show you how to clean the shower?' I would have been better occupied, and less resentful.
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It's hard work, and it takes a lot of parenting time and effort, but it's totally worth it. The devil finds work for idle thumbs is so true with children. If they are not given meaningful tasks they will find all kids of trouble to get into! I'm not advocating forced chores and child labour, but generally children are interested in how to do things, and most would willingly (if not perfectly) mop the kitchen floor if you gave them the opportunity (there's still joy in practicing adult skills whilst they are small).

Today Doorposts have a freebie bible study for you on humility. This is a great study to share with your whole family, about taking off self-centerdness and pride, and putting on a humble attitude. It's not easy to do, but the bible promises some great things to a humble person; favor (provrebs 3:34), wisdom (prov 11:2), riches, honor and life (prov 22:4), exaltation (1 peter 5:6) and the ability to get on with others (1 samuel 25).


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