The Benefits of Exercise

Me and Exercise have a love hate relationship. Sometimes we're obsessed, then we seem to forget about each other and the longer we leave it the harder it is to make up.

Since I've been on GAPS I've lost over 3 stone, and people keep saying to me 'have you been exercising a lot?' and whilst I'd love to say yes, the honest answer is no.

The thing about GAPS is that it is a ketogenic diet, which means you are permanently in ketosis or 'the fat burning zone'. My glucose loving friends might have to exercise for 20 minutes to get there, but I feel like I already did that when I start exercising - which isn't really that fun.

Several GAPS forums I've chatted on all say the same thing - it is really hard to exercise on GAPS.

Hard, but not impossible.

I'm starting the Couch to 5K program again, and this time I'm doing it with a friend which will hopefully keep me going. Unfortunately, she is not on GAPS and despite having done no exercise for a year is considerably less exhausted at the end of our workout, but I figure that is probably a good thing, she'll keep me working harder.

So here is my list of motivational reasons to exercise, as much to inspire myself as you:

1. Exercise boosts your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories throughout your every day life, which will help you to stay slimmer.

2. Exercise improves your fitness levels and means you can get more done and be less tired at the end of the day - allowing you to do a full day of homeschooling and still have some energy left to enjoy time with your husband after the kids go to bed!

3. Exercise tones and strengthens your muscles - so you can have nice looking arms, instead of sagginess from your weight loss.

4. Exercise burns fat.

5.  Exercise increases levels of the good cholesterol, HDL, which your body needs.

6. Exercise improves the control of blood sugar (good news for people who tend to snack a lot like me)

7. Exercise improves sleep patterns, no need for nytol (even this herbal remedy contains sugar and gave me stomach cramps when I took some the other night).

8. Exercise increases the amount of blood flow to the skin, making it look and feel healthier.

9. Exercise produces endorphines which make you feel great.

10. You won't feel out of puff when your children ask you to bounce with them on a jumpy castle (this happens at our church a lot). 


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