Taking the Shame

This week at church we had Julian Adams spoke on a passage from the bible that I must have heard preached a thousand times, but highlighted something I'd never noticed before.

Don't you just love it when that happens? Just when you think you know everything there is to know about something, you are blown away with a new detail, like how God had a plan for Saul and David all along or the importance of an apostrophe.

Anyway, the story was of the woman in Luke 7:38-50. I've heard it said a hundred times how Jesus didn't look down on her, although she was most likely a prostitute, and that he had compassion on her etc... but what Julian pointed out, was that Jesus took her shame. Not only does He forgive her sins, but he actively takes the repercussions on Himself.

Think about it; if she turned up at dinner and anointed Him, and He ignored her, everyone would have left saying 'who was that woman and how dare she touch the rabbi?' She would have been gossiped about for a long time. Yet He talks to her, forgives her, touches her; so everyone leaving that dinner is saying 'Why did the Rabbi touch that prostitute?' She is no longer the focus of the gossip and the slander, He is.

I was speaking with a girl from our small group on Monday, and this topic came up. Between us we didn't think we knew anyone else who would do that. Possibly my husband might do it for me, but then my character reflects on him as we are married anyway. To willingly take on the gossip and slander of others for someone you just met is way beyond the compassion of anyone I've encountered. Especially as what they were saying was true!

I never want to lose the wonder of what Christ did for me at the cross, dying for my sins, but knowing that He would deliberately turn my shame into His seems even more personal. I guess because it's new to me. It's inspired me all over again that I want to know Jesus character, in detail. I want to learn what He was like, because He is genuinely unlike anyone else I've ever encountered.

A newly christian friend told me that she understands and has a relationship God the Father, and that she has seen, felt and believes in the Holy spirit, but she doesn't feel like she really knows Jesus; she finds it hard to imagine what He was/is like. I believe a passage like this holds so many gems of information, and only by studying the gospels can we really get to know Christ.


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