Friends, it's been a while since we talked pancakes.

What I'm about to share with you is the BEST pancake recipe I've ever used, and it's GAPS friendly.

Often times on GAPS we are trading off - celeriac for potatoes etc... But this is genuinely delicious and genuinely easy. Real, simple, nourishing food.

It's actually a grain-free waffle recipe, but not having a waffle iron I used it to make pancakes. Sweet, creamy, vanilla-ry pancakes. Mmmm.....

2 cups soaked and dried cashew nuts
5 eggs free range and organic
1/4 cup of Home made yoghurt
2 tbsp Home made vanilla
1-2 tbsp honey

Place all the nuts, vanilla and yoghurt in a blender and whizz away until a dough forms. Add the eggs and blend again. Finally drizzle in the honey.

Pour batter into frying pan on a medium heat. When it starts to bubble you can flip it.

Delicious with fresh fruit, or honey, or Ice cream

You're welcome.


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