No cricut? No problem!!

I've always secretly (or not so secretly) coveted Cricuts.

For those who don't know what one is, it's a really expensive machine that makes custom vinyl letters to decorate everything and anything.

I fell in love with the idea whilst teaching my son to read as I used to label everything (door, window, cupboard, chair...) in an attempt to immerse him in visual language.

Now my daughters at the same stage and whilst I've tried blu-tacking labels on things, being the type of child she is, she tends to pull them off, eat the blu tack and shred label.

But pinterest to the rescue, I've found a way of labelling that involves no expensive equipment, but still looks completely fantastic.

All you do, is print your word on normal paper (use draft print quality for uber frugality) in any font you like. Blu tack the paper to the object you are painting and trace over the word with a biro.

When you remove the paper, there will be an indent on the item, which you can fill in with paint or in my case a sharpie.

Totally cheap, hand made charm, that can't go wrong.


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