Lemon tea

Our garden has been left fairly wild before we moved in, but someone before us was a keen kitchen gardener, because although they are untamed, the garden is full of edible plants and herbs.

There is a massive overgrowth of thyme taking over a large section of a flower bed and everywhere I look there are little lemon balm shoots.

We've been looking at Shavuot with the kids this weekend, and one of the traditions is to decorate your house with greenery. We used these herbs to create beautiful fragrant pieces for our home, but the more of the lemon balm I collected, the more I seemed to notice.

So today I made my first cup of mint and lemon balm tea, and it was divine! Thanks to this little tea cage that my sister in law bought me its super easy.

tea cage

Simply pack the little cage with as many leaves as you can (I go about2:1 in favour of lemon balm) then soak the little cage in hot, but not boiling, water.

Both mint and lemon balm are crazily easy to grow, and left unchecked they will spread throughout an entire garden.

As we have so much, I'm thinking I will dry some for the winter too, although its such a refreshing drink I may use it all up this summer!


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