How to grow herbs

Fresh herbs are delicious and we can't seem to dedicate enough space in our garden to growing them. My children eat corriander like it's salad (but to be honest, so do I) and basil and sage seem to be rapidly depleting too.

My sister seems to be having trouble growing any, so if you are struggling, like her, here are some easy tips that may resolve the problem.*

  1. Growing from seed is hard work. Make life easy for yourself and buy one of those pots from your supermarket.You can totally trim off the tops for your kitchen and replant the bottoms and they will shoot up over and over again.
  2. Cut early and often. Don't make the mistake of thinking you want to use the older more established leaves. The plant needs these to keep on growing. Eat those sweet new growths that shoot out the top.
  3. Don't let them grow any flowers. Someone once told me that plants are like teenage boys; they like to focus all their energy on procreation and forget about growth. If you trim your plant regularly it will grow thicker and more productively.
  4. Plant some canaries. Basil is a great way to keep an eye on the health of your herb garden. It wilts visibly and quickly if you don't water it enough, but also recovers fairly well. Plant lots of basil around to let you know if you are getting enough water or not.
  5. Pick something easy. Anyone from the mint family (including lemon balm) grows and spreads like wild fire.

*Disclaimer: I'm fairly new to all this, maybe we are just blessed with this wonderful bounty and it has nothing to do with my skills/expertise!


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