Healthy = pretty

You might not know this about me, but I went to beauty school. My sister and I even joked that I should say 'beauty is my life' at the interview, despite that being very untrue, as an attempt to fool them into thinking I was one of these people who worried about my appearance every day.

Part of me wanted to do beauty because of the profit margins in running a salon. I'd just left my 3rd year of business school for the second time and couldn't face going back for a third attempt.

The reality is I think there was also a very insecure girl begging to be taught 'how can I be pretty?'

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in beauty school is that healthy skin is beautiful, and one of my favourite teachers taught me 'healthy is never out of fashion'.

Yes, we want thinner models, but we airbrush their skin to make them look healthy, because no-one wants to have unhealthy looking models.

It to this end that I've realised I'm short sighted when I spend too much money on cosmetics. They have a temporary effect at best, when spending that money on better nutrition would have long term results on my skin health.

Just one week on live below the line was enough for my skin to lose its 'glow' and appear dull, yellow toned - to the point that my blush was the wrong colour.

Invest in real, organic food - the long term solution to beauty.


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