The Castle Quarter

Yesterday 'the Castle Quarter' of Bedford had a medieval festival. It was so awesome. I had a great time and picked up some great things.

Despite needing to be dragged over to look at them, my son became pretty obsessed with the bees (once he realised they were trapped in glass); and I fell in love with several types of cheese, one of the best being with nettles in it! The man on the stall was even generous enough to give me the recipe so that I can make my own with some of the mountains of nettles I keep pulling out of our yard.

There was some delicious organic cider, with no added sweeteners or yeasts, so GAPS friendly (hooray!) and plenty of people dressed up.
Photo credit Staying Awake Blog

I got a flyer inviting me to a community screening of 'Food inc' followed by an open mic night which looks awesome.

My favourite part though, was the plant swap. You brought along a few seedlings, left them on a table, and picked up a few different ones. It was a great idea and I picked up a lovely little butternut squash.

I also bought a few more herb for our garden. We got chocolate mint, pineapple mint, blackcurrant sage, orange scented thyme and lemon verbena. I cannot wait to start using these, I think they are going to add a whole new dimension to our fruit harvest this summer.

Fruit and Herb Combinations


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