Why we celebrate Passover

We're Christians, we're not Jewish, not even a little bit (least, not as far as I'm aware) but we do celebrate some of the Hebrew festivals, so I wanted to explain a little more about why, and ask you to prayerfully consider whether your family might want to do the same.

You see Passover was a celebration, ordained by God (numbers 9) not only to commemorate what He did (rescuing the Jews from Egypt) but as a shadow of things to come (Jesus, our Passover lamb) which was always to be kept, and on the 14th of Nisan.
But anti-semitism has always been in the church, even from its early days. You'll notice in your king James bible that it refers to Easter (acts 12) but the original script says Pesach, or Passover. The translators didn't like that though, and felt that Easter would be acceptable, despite the fact that it's a pagan festival, appropriated by the church!

But anti-semitism goes back even earlier, to the council of Nicaea (AD 325) When they were trying to decide when to celebrate Christ's resurrection in a way that would exclude the Jews.

The church was split into '14s' and 'non-14s'. The 14s were generally Jewish believers who wanted to celebrate the resurrection of Christ on the 14th of Nisan as a fulfilment of Passover, which was not only as God had ordained it, but would have been a great witness to many of the Pharisees who were still awaiting their messiah. The opposing (mostly gentile) believers did not want to have anything to do with the Jews, so they decreed that the resurrection should be celebrated in the first Sunday after the full moon, unless that accidentally fell on the 14th of Nisan, in which case they would celebrate a week later.
Not only were they deliberately calculating it wrong, in case they were accidentally correct, they would move it.

Church history is both fascinating, and deeply sorrowful to read. Some of the atrocities carried out in the name of Christ against the Jews during this period are just horrific. Needless to say, the non-14s won and here we are in our churches celebrating Easter on any day that isn't the one God proclaimed we should celebrate His son's death and resurrection.

For this reason, we choose, as a family to celebrate on Passover, whilst not abstaining from Easter with our church. I believe you can never celebrate the glorious resurrection too much, and whilst it saddens me that the church celebrates this way, I don't want to be excluding and guilty of the same divisiveness the early church were.

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