Rain Rain Rain

It's raining heavily this week, and a lot of people are complaining about it. Apparently it always rains in England. Tell that to William.

In fact, William spent several weeks over the last year or so telling me that he will not go outside again until it rains.

I'm not scared of getting wet, my skin is mostly waterproof and when we lived in the lake district if you didn't go out in the rain you would never go out. I guess being born there Will just go used to it. He LOVES the rain. Especially heavy rain. And the rain we had today was heavy.
In fact, I haven't seen rain like it since we lived in Sedbergh, apart from when we went up there to visit in the summer. 

The problem is, Elisha was not born in Cumbria, and she does not like the rain one little bit.

Still, Will and I had a great time today. And until the weather is ready to be nice and sunny (and I mean sunny enough for me to get a nice tan) I will take rainy over grey any day. I'm thankful for dramatic, torrential, anything but boring, rain. 


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