Passover Recipes (GAPS)

So we've talked about why we celebrate Passover, but this year is going to be slightly different because we are going to be doing it GAPS style.

But as with most things, I'm not the first person to come across this hurdle, and bloggers of the world can provide an ample resource for advice. Here are some of the recipes we are going to be using at our families Seder tomorrow.

GAPS friendly Charoset - which I will tweak with some other fruit because Lila is allergic to apples and grapes
I will be making my own version of Chicken soup, but with blanched almond Matzoh balls
With Paelo Macaroons for dessert
And obviously all the other grain-free bits and pieces that are normally associated with a seder

We're keeping it low key this year because:
a) it's my first time cooking this meal GAPS and 
b) it's just our little nuclear family

Ordinarily we tend to have lots of guests for passover, but with potty training and new diet etc... we are just keeping it us. 

Have a great time this week and enjoy your celebrations, whether is Easter or Passover, of the greatest victory ever won. 
grain-free matzoh, gluten-free matzoh, coconut flour, coconut oil
Real Food Foragers beautiful GAPS friendly Matzoh

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