Marriage time

A few weeks ago my husband broke our bed.

I should probably clarify that he was jumping on the bed to try and grab a spider off the ceiling whilst I cowered on my dressing table shouting 'Kill it! Kill it!!'

Anyhow, this means that we got to buy a new bed and I chose this bad boy from Argos.
I promise they haven't paid me; this bed is awesome. So much easily accessible storage - I finally have clear surface spaces in my bedroom, as all my dress patterns and sewing paraphernalia is being neatly stored. And guess what? I still have two drawers and three shelves empty that I'm wandering what to fill with.

Building stuff together is one of my favourite marriage time projects. Marriage time for us I anything we do 'just us' - usually when the kids are in bed.

Building stuff (even from flat pack) is immensely satisfying and even more so when the manufacturer glued the instructions to the box so that they are unuseable and you have to work blind together. Together, as a couple, we are overcomers.

It does tend to highlight our different skill sets though. I always open everything with a claw hammer, whilst Matt likes to find the 'right' tool for each bit of the project.

I call this 'unitasking' (a la the unclutterer) and prefer to make my hammer multi-functional.

Either way, we made it through, we have a great new bed, and here it is in all it's glory.


  1. I'm thinking of buying this bed but I've read the mixed reviews from argos. Is it quite a sturdy good quality bed and has it lasted well (not came apart or wood starting to bend)?

    1. We've had it two years now and I love it.
      No problems so far and it's super useful for storage.
      It's pretty tall though. I sort of jump into bed, but my husband is not vertically challenged like I am and he says it's fine. :-)


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