Kids say the darnedest things...

Just a little encouragement for those of you on GAPS...

Two days ago we were chatting to a lady who owns a juice bar in town. She was impressed with Will's ability to choose a probiotic ombar when there was a cake right next to it. He asked me if it was good for his body, I said yes, and he said 'great! I'll take this one please' and handed it to the cashier.

We got chatting about the diet (she'd heard of it as her brother is autistic, but hadn't tried it).

The exciting thing was, when asked by another customer who'd over heard 'do you like your special diet?' my four year olds response was...

'Yes. It helps me play better and helps me love my mummy and sister*'

I was so happy, as they are observations he's made himself (I told him this was food that would help him grow up healthy and strong), so he genuinely is feeling the difference.

I'm part of a Facebook group with some other people on GAPS too, and their kids are also saying some pretty exciting things.

A five year old said 'the food is changing me. I am myself now.'

An eight year old refers to before GAPS as 'the time when I couldn't control my thoughts and actions'.

Another friends three year old recently said 'when I eat good food I can hear peoples feelings'.

It really is worth it. Stick with it.

Does anybody else have any encouraging stories from their kids mouths?
*i'm pretty sure that sentence would have included daddy too, if he had been present...


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