One of the things Matt has been really enjoying about the GAPS diet is the simplicity of the food. That's great for me, because it means I don't have to worry about a lot of prep-work!

I also like that my children are recognising what they are eating and can now tell you what celeriac looks like and the difference between a cucumber and a courgette. I want them to recognise the food they are eating, and know where it came from rather than accepting that it was in a packet on the grocery store shelves.

In fact, we had duck yesterday for the first time since Will has been old enough to question what he is eating. He asked me what was for dinner, I said 'Duck'.

'Mummy! You can't eat ducks!!'

'Of course you can. You eat chicken.'

'Oh yeah.'

That was the end of that, until dinner was on the table. Will says 'is this duck?' and I nod. At which point Lila picks up a piece, holds it high in the air, shouts 'quack quack!' then takes a massive bite and grins as the juices run down her chin.

My children were born carnivores.

So I was browsing pinterest this morning, and I came across this post about salad in Mason jars, and I'm sold. How easy would it be to just pour out a salad and chuck some meat on top, like Ree Drummond's Steak Bites?

Apparently by separating the dressing from the lettuce (by way of shredded carrot, or cabbage or something) the salad keeps quite happily in the jar for 6-7 days!

Wow. I can prepare all the salad on saturdays after a trip to the market for fruit and veg, and just pour the jars out for each lunch.

And using my own salad dressing, it's now GAPS friendly. Hooray!


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