No cheese crackers

I totally scored at tesco yesterday. TONNES of organic fresh meat was being sold off cheap because it's sell by date is tomorrow, which means I can stock it up in my freezer and we don't have to order any more meat for at least two weeks.

Mostly lamb and duck, but there was a little beef too.

They also had some great deals on organic veg, and we got a huge haul of red peppers really cheap.

The kids eat them by the bucket load, but I managed to save a few for dehydrating and a couple for this new 'no cheese' cracker recipe I wanted to test.

Oh my gosh it's good!!

You basically soak 3/4 cup of cashew nuts for each pepper, add half a tsp Celtic sea salt, and blend.

That's the batter done. Then you can bake it at a low temp, or dehydrate it.

I'm opting for dehydrating to keep all those nourishing vitamins and enzymes alive.

I also added a little black pepper.

These honestly taste like they have cheese and wheat in them, making them a GAPS win for my family.


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