I am a follower

I've been really sick recently, and whilst I have been released from the hospital, the antibiotics I'm on make it really hard to stand up without falling over.

On the plus side, that means I've finally gotten around to finishing reading 'I am a Follower' by Leonard Sweet.
Jon Acuff says Christian books never have any content in the last 40% that hasn't already been summed up in the first 60%. It's a harsh statement, but honestly this book didn't have anything that hadn't been summed up nicely on the back cover.

I genuinely had high hopes for it when I asked booksneeze for a copy, but it was a real let down. Painfully basic, with far too many tenuous examples of every point. It seemed like it had been written especially to give as many snappy sermon quotes as possible with no consideration for how the paragraph would read as a whole.

I know I've been quite negative with my reviews recently, which is partly why I've been reluctant to post them, but I'm really hoping to hit that gem like 'Why God Just Won't Go Away' again.


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