Almost enchiladas

I seem to be recruiting more and more people to the GAPS diet, as people see the results in me and the kids, they want to try it for themselves.

I honestly can't tell you how easy cooking is once you get into it, but I also remember the first few weeks, when I was staring at my cupboards and thinking 'what will we eat?'

With that in mind I'm sharing yet another GAPS recipe today. This honestly wasn't supposed to be a cooking blog, and I'm no chef, but if you just need inspiration for a simple healthy meal, here it is.

Almost Enchiladas

Firstly you need to make some grain free wraps. This is really easy.

12 eggs
1/3 cup of water
4 tbsp coconut flour

That's it.

Whisk it all together, then fry off your pancakes one by one until you have a stack of 'wraps'

Next the filling.

Fry up some good quality organic mince (not lean - fat soluble vitamins are where it's at) with some finely chopped onions.

Chuck in loads of chopped peppers of very colour. I like there to be about 50/50 meat to veg. Then add a 300g jar of tomato purée and a little soy sauce. You could use passata instead of purée, but my son likes really strong flavours (it's an ASD thing).

Wrap the mixture in the wraps and nestle then nicely together in a loaf pan.

Sprinkle with delicious cheese and bake.

My kids went wild for this.


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