Why I love Saturdays

Technically Saturdays should look just like any other weekdays to us, as Matt still has to work, it's just me and the kids.

Something about Saturday's is different though.

We run a lot of errands in the morning, which is a terrible idea because the shops are super busy and being home educators we could go anytime we want, but I really enjoy the energy of the town on a Saturday morning.

We've made it a weekly ritual to buy lots of fruit and veg on a saturday, the market is so much cheaper than the superstores, and I generally let the kids eat as much as they like as we wander through and all the way home. This usually results in nobody wanting any lunch, which is fine by me.

We put Lila down for a nap, then Will and I set to work preparing the bounty we've just bought. Usually I do the preparing and Will does watching and snacking, but that's okay too.

Today we've chopped and are currently drying three trays of red peppers, one and a half trays of sugared limes and half a tray of lime zest. We're also brining the seeds from the butternut squash we roasted this morning. They'll be ready for drying tomorrow and the butternut squash is going to make a delicious squash and sage risotto for dinner.

I think it's the rhythm of preparing food every Saturday that makes it enjoyable. I love ritual, but wouldn't like to do all this when I'm in a hurry midweek.

This week Matts match has been cancelled too, so he should be home soon, and a chilled afternoon with daddy is something we always look forward to.

I love Saturdays.


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