Probiotic Homemade Yoghurt

Although we haven't started GAPS properly yet, we are introducing more GAPS friendly recipes to get the children used to the flavours, and me used to the cooking, before we go full on into it. I have however cut all grains and processed food from my diet and I feel awful. The die off symptoms are powerful, and I can't believe how toxic I must have been to feel this bad during a detox.

It's also confirmed to me that I should not start the children on the diet properly yet. We don't all need to be having short tempers and feeling terrible at the same time. When they detox I want to be in a good place to comfort them.

I am trying to introduce more probiotic foods for all of us though and today's new food is homemade yoghurt made with raw milk.
It's very easy to make, particularly if you have a dehydrator, but you can also do it in a slow cooker.

We do have a dehydrator, so here are the instructions we used:
  1. Put raw milk and culture into a jar (use a belgian culture for a really creamy yoghurt)
  2. Place jar in dehydrator and set temperature to 43C
  3. Leave for 12 hours
  4. Place in the fridge for two hours
The yoghurt will be runnier than store bought yoghurt. You can change this by using half cream instead of milk or by passing it through a really fine cheese cloth and collecting off some of the whey.

The yoghurt is delicious as is, but I know my kids won't eat it, so we've put a split vanilla pod in there to infuse. They'll eat anything with vanilla.
The best part is that once you have made this yoghurt once, you never need to buy cultures again! Just reserve two tablespoons of your original yoghurt and use it to start the next batch. Easy and frugal, my favourite type of recipe!


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