Making Peace with GAPS

So I've decided that I can't read articles like this one, and not do something - but equally this is too huge of a decision to make for my family without careful, first hand, research.

So I've decided to do the GAPS diet on my own to start with.

We've ordered the Bio-Kult probiotic, which we will be giving to William, but not immediately starting him on the GAPS diet. I will do the diet myself and see how it goes. If I feel there are significant improvements in my health, then I will introduce it to the rest of the family.
I'm not going to be starting straight away though. I intend to begin after Live below the Line as in reality I would barely be able to afford the chicken to make broth for the introduction phase, let alone anything else or any probiotics.

So for now I'm going to be trialing various GAPS friendly recipes with the family, although not at every meal, in an attempt to ease our taste buds into it, and in an effort to cut down on the rubbish we eat.

I'll review them as honestly as I can, beginning with two recipes we tried yesterday.

Firstly Courgette 'Pancakes'

Don't allow the name to mislead you, this was nothing like a pancake.
More like an omlette.
Maybe I'm making it wrong.

The recipe had no quantities, it simply read 'eggs, grated courgette, nut butter'. Although it was edible, we felt it could do with salt, maybe being part of a fry up, rather than served on it's own. No one was thrilled about it, although everyone ate it. I hope to find something we are more enthusiastic about though.

Secondly Chicken Tots.

These went down really well. The recipe calls for 1 cup of chicken, 3 cloves of garlic and 1/2 a cup of vegetables (we used spinach and sugarsnap peas). Blend together and then fry in Ghee. The first few fell apart whilst I was trying to make them, so I added an egg to bind it all together, which seemed to work well.

We'll definitely make these again, although next time I think I'm going to try baking them in the oven like crocodile nuggets. We served them with sweet potato chips (not GAPS friendly) and peas.


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