Live Below the Line 2012

In three months time it will be Live Below the Line 2012 (7th May-11th May), where we will be challenging ourselves to once again live on just £1 a day, to reflect the budget that 1.4 billion people have to live on.

This year will have the added twist that as we are trying to eat more 'Real food' now, we spend a little more things like milk, and because we make our own bread it won't be as easy as saying a 'loaf costs X amount, therefore a slice costs Y' because the slices won't be cut as evenly, and the cost of ingredients involved will be a huge task to work out. How do I account for my starter for example?

I've got three months to figure all that out though.
There are a few things we'd like for you to consider doing this year:
  1. Taking part in the challenge. You can sign up here and read the rules here.
  2. Consider sponsoring one or both of us (we are both raising money for the same charity, but can't help getting competitive about it!)
  3. Just follow our blog, Gracies Below The Line. Raising awareness of extreme poverty is one of the reasons we are taking on this challenge, so we'd love for you to keep reading and share with us in this experience. Posts might be fairly sporadic over the next few months, but we promise to update at least daily during the challenge.
If you do decide to sign up for the challenge, do get in touch. We'd love to encourage you and be encouraged by you. If you blog about it, let us know so that we can link back to you from our site.


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