Ginger baths

I feel horrible. I have caught a cold that Will has had for about a week, and despite telling him that it was just a cold, I'm feeling far too much self pity right now to believe it.

I'm hoping in not completely heartless and that I'm having some detox symptoms on top of the cold. I haven't been doing the full GAPS intro diet, but we have been eating mostly GAPS friendly recipes. Whilst seeing some improvements in Will, I've been feeling headachey and having hot flushes. These kind of 'die-off' symptoms apparently happen because as the bad bacteria etc... From the gut start to die, your body has to process them and apparently that can make you feel worse before you feel better.

The dr who invented the diet suggests detox baths, with Epsom salts or bicarbonate soda in them, but I've been doing a little research and many GAPS patients sweat by ginger baths if you are feeling coldy/fluey.

Here how it works:

Into a hot bath add a couple of spoons of freshly grated ginger. Sit in the bath for at least twenty minutes. Close to the twenty minute mark, you may find yourself feeling intensely uncomfortable, sweating, heart racing. Breathe through this until the twenty minutes is up. It helps to keep a cold glass of water and a cold washcloth near by to help with the reaction.

With great care in case of dizziness, get out of the bath. A cold shower to finish off is sometimes helpful, but not necessary if you cant handle it. Dry off, then wrap yourself in a blanket and go to sleep - or get on with your day of you have small kids!


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