Oh GAPS diet! Why do you plague me so?
For those who don't know, the GAPS diet or 'gut and psychology syndrome' diet is this super strict, super healthy diet.

The more I read about it, the more convicted I feel that we should try it. But it's soooo hard! And antisocial! We'd never be able to have tea at someones house again. We'd never be able to eat for free at school. We'd never go to a restaurant...

I was introduced to the GAPS diet after my son was diagnosed with classical autism. Proponents of the diet claim it cures all manner of illnesses - including autism.

I couldn't believe it, but the more I looked into it, the more cases I found of people claiming to have been cured.

One of the changes we've made over the last year was to start making all of our own bread. This means that I can choose the flour and raising agents used, and whilst Will has refused to eat rye bread or sprouted grain bread, this has actually meant that he cut back massively on the amount of bread he eats.

For more information on how wheat affects autism click here.

Whilst his bread intake has cut back, he seems to have become addicted to nuts; or more specifically honey/dry roasted nuts. Surprise, surprise it turns out the coating contains plenty of wheat. So if he can't get his fix from bread, he's just found an alternative source.

We also made the switch from pasteurised to raw milk a few weeks ago. Chatting it over with my husband, we have seen an improvement in Will's behaviour since we changed, not huge, but definitely less melt downs and a willingness to reason.

But he's really very high functioning, surely the only people who actually do the GAPS diet are people with incredibly bad crohns disease or autism so severe they barely communicate. Is it really worth putting my family through it, when we are coping fine as we are? We won't be able to eat molten chocolate lava cookies!!

But how much better off could we be? Certainly my ME is now well managed, but would I have new energy levels and boosted immune system if I looked after my body more carefully through diet?

So as you can see, I'm still completely torn over this. I don't know what I want to do.

Can anyone help me?

Is there anyone out there soon GAPS with kids/husband who aren't particularly thrilled about the idea?

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  1. Couldn't you do the diet as a family and have a sneaky cookie with daddy when the kids are in bed? Will would still get the benefit and cutting down is better than nothing?

  2. Unfortunately it seems to be an all or nothing kin of diet. One cheat undoes everything you've worked for. If you google 'how to cheat at the GAPS diet' you'll see that all the acceptable cheats are still not very cheaty....

  3. Oh yes myself and a lot of my friends do the GAPS OR PALEO. Diet , they are very similar and most of our husbands are not on board. It can be quite the struggle I just don't buy if we cannot eat it and it doesn't not come in the house. If he chokes yo eat bread or other icky stuff then he foes it at work or not in the house. I just posted a really good coconut lemon cookie recipe on NOBH or just chek out my blog. You are not alone Elanas pantry has a lot of hood recipes that are grain dairy soy free

  4. Thank you mama bird. Have you seen much improvement in your families health since you started? Is it worth it? Does it matter that your husband 'cheats'? Does what he eats at home affect him or is it no different because of the other food he has?


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