Glo on the Iphone only

I know I've blogged about Glo Bible before (I'm not an affiliate, I just think it's great) but I wanted to update you, because they have MASSIVELY improved the iPhone app, to the point where you could now reasonably not bother having it on your computer, but use it entirely from your phone.

They've obviously realized this too, so for a short time only, they are offering you the chance to buy it on your phone only for just $9.99, which is incredibly cheap. I'm not sure exactly what that converts to in GBP but it's less than £7.

You have to download the app from the store, then purchase as an in app upgrade, but I haven't tried that as we already own the full membership.

Some of the new features on your iPhone include:

Reading plans
Interactive Historical Bible Atlas (linked to verses)
Snapshot options
Media View strip
Study notes links
and much more!

If you haven't used Glo before, give it a try for free. There's no pressure to upgrade. If you don't like it - delete it!


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