Thanksgiving hangover

Soooooo much food in our house!

Why do we always over cater on thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter/?

As I warm up a turkey, cranberry and green bean casserole panini (jealous?) I figure we can stretch thanksgiving through one more day before I start really believing it's Christmas (don't judge me, I love it so much and I wait all year for this season).

Here is my little thanksgiving round up of all the best tweets from or retweeted by people I follow over the last 24 hours.

@FakeJohnPiper Turkey is most glorified in you when you are most stuffed with it.

@JonAcuff If the question is "Are you watching Swampsgiving right now?" My answer is, "Across the Bayou, Troy is looking for a turkey."
Dear Dad, , how come we never caught 40 bullfrogs as a father/son bayou team for Thanksgiving dinner?

@Abbey_Queenofall My mother just informed me that I'm sitting at the kids' table. I am 36 years old.

@Steve_Dangle Canada had thanksgiving this year before it went all mainstream.

@AM_1010 My pants are still falling...I demand a refund Thanksgiving!

@thepioneerwoman If zombies appeared in the yard and headed straight for my living room, I still wouldn't be able to move off of this couch.

@MattChandler74 It's almost noon and I haven't punched a health care worker yet

@JimmyCarr 'It’s Thanksgiving today. Long story short it’s where Americans give thanks to the English for inventing them. You’re welcome.'

and finally, a girl after my own heart, @Kaylee_Cuoco wrote
Day after Thanksgiving- pulling out my Christmas socks- woop woop!


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