Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me

Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me - A Memoir of sorts, to give it it's full title, is probably only a 3/5 star book for me.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but if you put 'the CIA' in the title, it sounds like its going to be exciting. It really had very little to do with espionage, and had you taken those two words out of the title it would have reflected the book better. Unfortunately I also probably wouldn't have picked it up.

If you enjoy books about peoples hard lives ('a child called it' et al) then you might like this Christian version (as long as you aren't just in it for the gory details. Ian spares you most of them). I just don't particularly enjoy this genre.

It was inoffensive, just not my style. He's also catholic and has some ideas about the Eucharist and calling to be a priest that not everyone will agree with.

It's well written though, and I think my mum would love it.

- Kj


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